Save Surrey Parks Campaign

Our parks and green spaces are under constant pressure from development. In this campaign we will petition the newly elected Surrey Mayor and Council to instruct staff to start the process that will ultimately end up in giving numerous Surrey’s Parks and designated green spaces the highest level of protection that is available under the law.┬áThe Save Surrey Parks group is committed to ending the use of the Alternative Approval Process for removing the dedicated status of parks.

This will be a multi-park campaign and we need your support. Our tree canopy is decreasing each year and our parks and green spaces and even the ALR are being chipped away at. Let’s stand together and make the environment a priority in Surrey.

We are working with the communities of:


Rosemary Heights – 154th Street and 37a Avenue

The forested area here is an important environmental hub and one of the only remaining forested areas available for the community.


Port Kells – 192nd Street and 88th Avenue

Sixty-five acres of ALR is going to be rezoned as industrial land. The community of Port Kells is working to save this land and keep it in the ALR.


Let us know if you want to be involved. This is a huge project and it will require all of us working together if we want to Save Surrey Parks!

Don’t let this happen to your park!

Hawthorne Park West Trail – before and after