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    Elector Response Form

    I am an elector of the City of Surrey. By my signature below, I hereby indicate that I am opposed to the
    adoption of "Surrey Removal of Reservation of a Portion of Hawthorne Park Bylaw, 2017, No. 19337".
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  • □ I am a non-resident property elector who lives in another community and owns property in the City of
    Surrey located at: __________________________________________________________ (address)
                            (see page 5 for additional eligibility requirements)*

                □ *ATTACHED written consent form for non-resident property elector with jointly owned

                property as per Section 66(6) of the Local Government Act. (see page 6):


    Forms can be submitted by mail, hand delivered, facsimile, or email to:

    Address: Office of the City Clerk, 5E - 13450 – 104th Avenue, Surrey, B.C. V3T 1V8
    Phone: 604-591-4132
    Facsimile: 604-501-7578
    e-mail: clerks@surrey.ca

    If submitting this form to the City by facsimile, please ensure that the transmission was completed. The
    Council may proceed with the adoption of Surrey Removal of Reservation of a Portion of Hawthorne Park
    Bylaw, 2017, No. 19337
    unless 30,372 electors sign and submit a completed copy of this Elector Response Form
    to the local government.

    A person must not sign more than one Elector Response Form in relation to this Alternative Approval Process.
    Additional information can be found on the following pages about the elector qualifications eligibility.

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